Simeon Shivachev

The artist was born in 1970 in Bourgas, Bulgaria, lives and works in Sofia.


In 1989 graduates from St. St. Cyril and Methodius Secondary Comprehensive School, town of Bourgas


2007 - Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists
2006 - Testa Gallery, city of Sofia
2003 - Root Moon Gallery, town of Bourgas
2000 - Nessy Gallery, Bourgas 1
1997 - Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, town of Bourgas



  • Personal mythology, Shipka Gallery, Sofia
  • Visual Communications National Art Gallery, Sofia
  • Biennale of the Modern Bulgarian Art, Friends Of The Sea, town of Bourgas
  • Coordinates, Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, town of Bourgas
  • International Black and White Exhibition (small format), Lesendra Gallery, Sofia
  • Black and White Exhibition To Art Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo
  • Painting competition Schminke, Sibank Gallery, Sofia
  • Biennale of small forms, town of Pleven
  • Format 30x30, Astry Gallery, Sofia
  • International Black And White Exhibition
  • small format, Cibank Gallery, Sofia


  • The Body Shipka Gallery, Sofia
  • Sea shore - Public Art Gallery, city of Varna, A. Budevska Dramatic Theatre, town of Bourgas
  • Monochromic - P.K. Yavorov Library hall, town of Bourgas
  • Format 30x30 Astry Gallery, city of Sofia
  • National Black and White Exhibition - small format, Hall of Interpred, Sofia

and many other.

Plain Airs:


  • VI Plain Air Black and White Drawing small format - town of Veliko Tarnovo 2003 - Black and white drawing meetings - Bourgas 2001
  • Black and white drawing meetings - Bourgas


Lions Club Prize, Baden - Helenental, Austria for Young Bulgarian Graphic Artists - Gabrovo 1997

Member of Union of the Bulgarian Artists

Artworks by Simeon Shivachev