Pavel Valkov

Pavel Valkov was born on 19 September 1908 in Bourgas, Bulgaria.

He graduated from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, specializing Painting in the class of prof. Nikola Marinov and Graphic art in the class of prof. Vasil Zahariev.

He arranged numerous solo exhibitions in Bourgas, Plovdiv, Sofia, Kazanlak, Rousse, et. His works were exhibited in cites like Beijing, Delhi, Venice, Budapest, Prague, Moscow, etc.

He lived the last years of his life in Sofia and teached in The National Academy of Art.

He is one of the founders of the contemporary Bulgarian graphic art. His work is connected mainly with Bpourgas and the South Blacksea coast. He painted the old quays at the Bourgas port, old sailing boats, the area of the Bourgas custom-house and the fishermen.

He painted many portraits of famous citizens of Bourgas and hundreds of postage stamps.

Artworks by Pavel Valkov