Georgi Baev

Georgi Baev (1924-2007) was born in Bourgas He has graduated in 1949 in the painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Prof.s I. Petrov and D.Uzunov Class.

In the early 60s Georgi Baev arranges the first private exhibitions in Sofia and Bourgas. His works have been exposed in Sofia, Bourgas, Plovdiv, Russe, Gabrovo, Sliven, London, Moscow, Vienna, Dordtrecht, Budapest, Nicosia, Limmasol, Linz, Tunis at self supported exhibitions.

His works are propety of the most famous galleries - the Hermitage, Pushkin Museum, The Chicago Museum, etc as well as some private collections in London, Paris, Zurich, Hamburg, Cologne, Vienna, Tokyo, New York, Philadelphia, and all Bulgarian Galleries.

Awards: The painting Award Vladimir Dimitrov - Maystora, Gotfrid von Herder award of Vienna University, Corresponding member and Honorable Member of of the Austrian Union of Artists Kunstlerhaus - Vienna, Honorable Member of the Japanese Association of the Artists.

G. Baev has taken part together with other famous bulgarian artists in shows at China, India, Indonesia, Tunis, Marocco, Algeria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Moscow, Vienna, Paris, London, Bern, Zurich, Oslo, Copenhagen, Hague, Hamburg, Cologne, Tokyo, New York, Dusseldorf, Lozane, Rome, Madrid, Naples, Washington, Mexico, etc.

Artworks by Georgi Baev